Britney Spears: Photos of Her in Wedding Dress With is Adnan Ghalib

Here we go again, Britney Spears has been spotted in her old wedding dress, this time with her new boyfriend. That has fueled speculation that she wants to marry her new fella. His name is Adnan Ghalib and he is a 35-year old photographer that reports claim is already married. The pair have been seeing each other since right before Christmas.Britney reportedly is dodging her parents, her sister Jamie Lynn Spears and most of her immediate family as they are wanting to get her under lock and key to get her treatment. She is resisting and has been all over California and even Mexico as she stays on the run. Now it is more than Jamie Lynn that is rumored to be getting married, this latest stunt throws Britney and the boyfriend into the mix.Michael K has the photos here and this, "Brit Brit was out buying a Mercedes with her pap lover wearing what looks like was the same dress she wore to her wedding reception when she married K Fed. Some may think she wore it to get back at K Fed, but I think she probably had another insane moment and pulled it out of her closet. She put it on, laid out a tuxedo on the bed and acted out her wedding again." He continues, "The pap dude burst in on her and asked her to buy him a Mercedes which led them to the dealer." People magazine reports that the traveling train wreck showed up at the Keyes Mercedes-Benz dealership in the San Fernando Valley on Friday afternoon with the paparazzi in tow. The magazine claims that it is the "same lacy, short dress from her 2004 wedding to Federline." That picture is above, it sure looks lie the same one.