Britney Spears sparks romance rumours as she wears ex-boyfriend Adnan's ring

Britney Spears sparked romance rumours when she was seen wearing a ring given to her by ex-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib.

The 35-year-old photographer had his and hers rings custom-made during the pair's short-lived relationship.

She was first seen wearing the silver-coloured knot ring in March of this year when Britney and Adnan first started dating.

The unusual choice of jewellery has lead to speculation it could be back on with the Birmingham-born snapper.

The pop princess finally appears to have ditched the demons which lead to her public break-down.

She looked in good health as she prepared for Hallowe'en with her sons yesterday.
The 26-year-old took her two boys, Sean Preston and Jayden James, to pick out a pumpkin from Mr Bones Pumpkin Patch in Hollywood.

The singer seemed relaxed and was no doubt feeling relieved that her trial for charges of driving without a licence was dismissed earlier this week, after the jury couldn't reach a verdict.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James A. Steele dismissed the misdemeanour charges against the singer after the 12 jurors couldn't agree over the case.

The charges stem from an August 2007 incident when Britney allegedly hit a parked car and was found to not be in possession of a California state driving licence.
But all that trouble seemed firmly in the past yesterday as she was given star treatment of course and was allowed to use a special entrance to enter the pumpkin patch.

But in return for her VIP treatment, Britney happily posed for photographs holding two-year-old Jayden James while a friend carried his older brother Sean Preston.

Spears then perused the pumpkins while chatting on her mobile and holding on to little Jayden. With her sons dressed in matching outfits, Britney and her boys looked every bit the perfect family on a Hallowe'en shopping trip.

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Enough posing... now hop it! Doorman frogmarches Paris Hilton to car outside club

Paris Hilton may be planning to make London her new home but she didn't receive such a warm welcome from one local last night.

The hotel heiress looked none too happy when she was frogmarched away from the front of a club after a night out.

A doorman took the 27-year-old socialite by the arm and ushered her to a waiting car as she tried to pose for photographers outside Annabel's club in Mayfair.

It seemed the doorman at the celebrity nightspot was keen to move her away from baying paparazzi and decided to take matters into his own hands in no uncertain fashion.

However Paris was keen to show off her pretty pink babydoll dress and strike a few poses for the waiting fans.
A row soon ensued as the socialite's own security intervened and apparently told the doorman not to touch her.

After leaving the club a determined Paris made sure photographers got the pictures they wanted when she posed up outside her London hotel.

The hotel heiress recently said she is considering relocating from her natural Los Angeles habitat to make London her new home.

She has been renting a £7,500-a-week home in Hampstead while filming a new show for MTV.

She told MailOnline earlier this week: 'I love London, it's my favourite city in the world. I'm shooting my new show and having an amazing time.'

She added: 'I love the Brits, they rock! Everything from their personalities, style and of course the accents.'

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Enjoying the view? Justin Timberlake gets sidetracked on video shoot by curvy Rihanna

Behind his dark glasses Justin Timberlake could be looking anywhere - but there's one shapely attraction he could be forgiven for eyeing.

Rihanna's curvacious behind, clad only in fishnet stockings, was undoubtedly the star of the show as the popstar duo filmed the video for their new single on the beach in Los Angeles yesterday.

Above the waist the Umbrella singer was the image of propriety, clothed in a multi-coloured wrap top and demure net hat. But her long legs were on display in all their glory as she stalked around the beach in cripplingly high platforms.

Justin was wrapped up somewhat warmer than Rihanna, in black jeans and a leather jacket.

There have been rumours that the two have dated in the past.
But both are now in happy relationships, with Justin dating actress Jessica Biel, while Rihanna is with fellow RnB artist Chris Brown.

In fact rather than flirtatious relations between Rihanna and Justin looked decidedly frosty as the two stood face-to-face on the beach.

But instead of a fall-out it seems the two were acting out scenes from Rehab off Rihanna's Good Girl Gone Bad album.

After a quick costume change, Rihanna then stole the limelight again as she lay on a sunbed in suspenders and a pair of 40s style sunglasses.

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Britney Spears whips herself back into shape in the dance studio

A svelte Britney Spears hit the dance studio looking back to her best as she rehearsed for her next music video.

The singer, who recently lost 10Ib after giving up alcohol, put her new moves on show on Friday as she paraded around with her dance crew, at one point wielding a black whip.

She is gearing up to release her eagerly-anticipated comeback album Circus in December, and is expected to tour next year.

The 2009 shows will be her first major tour since 2004 - and her well-documented personal meltdown.

Britney has called on Australian Wade Robson to choreograph the tour, which will kick off in March.
Robson, who collaborated with Britney on her steamy music video I’m A Slave 4 U , said: 'She reached out to me and said she wanted to get the old team back together.

'So we’ll go into rehearsals in January for a March start.'

Meanwhile, a second day of deliberations ended without a verdict yesterday at Britney's court case in which she is accused of driving without a licence.

Jurors left for the day after saying earlier that they were hopelessly deadlocked. A foreman said they had voted three times since Friday, and each time failed to reach a unanimous conclusion.

The three votes were all 10 to 2 the foreman said without indicating which way.

The jurors appeared glum after lunch, with many on the panel telling Superior Court Judge James A. Steele that they did not think an agreement could be reached.

Steele questioned whether more could be done to encourage discussion or reach a verdict.

'I think with each return to the assembly room, everyone becomes more entrenched in their position," the foreman replied.

The judge told the group to deliberate for 20 more minutes and take a fourth vote.
The jury never returned to court, but instead asked for a reading of testimony by Britney's father, Jamie.

Jurors have spent about six hours deliberating so far. They resume their deliberations today.

The panel posed at least three questions throughout the day, including a clarification of the charges and what Spears had done to be charged.

There was no mention during the trial of the accident that led to the charges, as agreed by the defence and prosecution attorneys.

That gap led to the jury's other question: 'Why was she stopped in the first place?'

Steele responded by reading sections of the California vehicle code to them and reminding jurors that they could only consider evidence introduced during the trial.

Britney has not appeared in court and did not testify during the trial. She faces up to six months in jail and a fine if convicted.

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Making love to Madonna 'was like cuddling a piece of gristle'

A gaunt-looking Madonna was seen leaving the Kabbalah Centre in New York on Saturday.

Wearing shades and a baseball cap it seemed the marriage break-up was taking its toll on the 50-year-old mega-star.

But the pop queen's obsession with maintaining a perfect body has been cited as one of the factors behind her split with Guy Ritchie.

Her insistence on sticking to a gruelling four-hour exercise routine has been blamed for destroying the pair's seven-and-a-half year marriage.

The strict regime reportedly meant the couple went for 18 months without making love.

When they did find time to make love, it was like 'cuddling up to a piece of gristle', Ritchie is said to have told friends.

A close friend told the News of the World: 'When the cracks began to show in their marriage, Madonna wouldn't budge.

'Guy was pleading with her to spend more time with him but she wouldn't have it. She'd insist she did her four-hour workout and that would be half the day gone.'

'They've been apart so much in the last two years the times when they could have made love have been pretty limited.

'And they've been in separate bedrooms a lot after rows so there has been no making-up. They might as well be brother and sister.'

'All the soft feminine tones have been replaced by the build of an athlete.'

Another fighting point in their marriage was Madonna's devotion to the mystic religion Kabbalah.

Ritchie, 40, is said to have walked out of a marriage counselling meeting with rabbis after they suggested he should always be subordinate to his wife's wishes.

The source said: 'Guy thinks it is just mumbo jumbo. He was appalled she wanted the religion to intervene.'

He is said to have become disillusioned with the religion which he had originally embraced to please Madonna.

Film producer Ritchie is said to be resigned to the fact that Madonna will begin openly dating New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez.
Sources say the pop star is preparing to go public about her friendship with baseball player A-Rod when her world tour ends in December.

Kabbalah leaders are said to have given their blessing to the friendship after Rodriguez threw himself into the religion.

Madonna also recently sneaked the multi-millionaire into a front row seat at her gig which had previously been reserved for her husband.

An insider told the Sunday Mirror: 'Alex is bewitched by her. She is a very intoxicating woman and it seems she has offered him a pathway to happiness and enlightenment through Kabbalah.

'He thinks she is phenomenal, but his friends aren't sure they have much in common.'

Rodriguez's wife Cynthia filed for divorce in July this year, citing Madonna as one of his many infidelities.

She is said to have found a letter to Madonna in which Rodriguez' called her his 'soulmate'.

Madonna, worth around £300million, has agreed Ritchie will have full access to their sons, eight-year-old Rocco and adopted David Banda, three.

The singer also has a daughter Lourdes, 12, by fitness trainer Carlos Leon.

Ritchie's £10 million divorce settlement will see him own Ashcombe House, their 1,200 acre £10million estate in Wiltshire, while Madonna will keep the couple's £7million townhouse in Marylebone in central London.

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