Jam session as Amy Winehouse wanders the motorway when traffic grinds to a halt

Where Amy Winehouse goes, chaos follows.The troubled star caused something of a spectacle on the M40 today after she found herself stuck in a traffic jam.

Not content to sit patiently in her car, the Rehab singer roamed the motorway, giving drivers more than they bargained for as she went from car to car in an effort to scrounge a lighter for her cigarette to pass the time.

Jam session as Amy Winehouse wanders the motorway when traffic grinds to a halt

At one point she pulled up her purple vest to bare her midriff as she did a spot of sun baking while leaning on the bonnet of a car.

In a troubling sign, the 24-year-old's arms were covered in fresh scratches and cigarette burns, thought to be the result of self-harming.

Jam session as Amy Winehouse wanders the motorway when traffic grinds to a halt

Earlier this week Amy was arrested for possession of Class A drugs and later released on bail after visiting a London police station by appointment.

Winehouse was questioned over a video which allegedly showed her smoking crack cocaine.

Jam session as Amy Winehouse wanders the motorway when traffic grinds to a halt

The covert 19-minute clip was discovered on a memory stick which belongs to an alleged drug dealer, Jonny Blagrove and his girlfriend Cara Burton.

The Met confirmed that two people, a 34-year-old man and a 22-year-old woman, had been arrested on suspected drugs offences.

The couple have now been bailed.

Winehouse was originally questioned under caution in February and was due to return for further interview in June.

Jam session as Amy Winehouse wanders the motorway when traffic grinds to a halt

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Jessica Alba's staring contest

The pregnant actress posted a video of herself at ibeatyou.com showing her not blinking for almost seven minutes.
The 'Sin City' star revealed in the footage she had been challenged to the contest, and was "throwing it out to all the girls" before giggling and making faces into the camera.

This is Jessica's latest posting on the website, which was co-founded by her fiance Cash Warren.

She has also taken part in an 'Office lip-synching contest', which saw her mime to Panic At The Disco's track 'Nine in the Afternoon' as well as a 'Best you with a celebrity' picture competition that saw her post a picture of her and Sir Ben Kingsley.

In her profile on the website, Jessica says her strengths are "sheer will and determination" and her weakness is a "short attention span".

Ibeatyou.com is an online competition venture launched by Cash and his basketball player friend Baron Davis.

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Naomi Campbell to strip for film role

Supermodel says she's 'no stranger to controversy' Naomi Campbell is to star in a movie directed by an X-rated filmmaker।

The supermodel will play a jilted wife in Bad Love, which is being shot by Catherine Breillat, 59.

Naomi, 37, says she has reservations about dropping her clothes for the big screen.

‘I’m not sure if I’ll be able to show as much naked skin as [Catherine's] other actresses, but we’ll see,’ she tells Paris Match. ‘But I’m definitely no stranger to controversy.’

Bad Love will be released next year.

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Ronson shows off his Daisy

Ronson shows off his Daisy
Mark Ronson made his relationship with 19-year-old model Daisy Lowe public last night.

The couple were seen holding hands as they left Jade Jagger's star studded 'Belvedere Jagger Dagger' party in Mayfair.

Earlier DJ Ronson, 32, reportedly took his girlfriend to his friend, Sam Sparro's gig in Camden.

Inside party goers said: 'They looked so happy. They were very much together, kissing and talking close.

Mark couldn't take his eyes off her.'

It was only in February Ronson was said to be seeking support from close friend Amy Winehouse over his spilt from US beauty Cosi Theodoli-Braschi.
The pair then turned up at a glamour bash in Mayfair, joining the likes on Mick Jagger, Shane McGowan, Bobby Gillespie and Alexa Chung for a champagne lobster dinner thrown by Ms Jagger.

Ronson then led his young girlfriend over for a late night knees up at the trendy Bungalow 8 nightclub.

Speculation of a love match reached fever pitch, following reports the pair holidayed in Miami together, with the Ronson then treating Lowe to a holiday at his pad in New York.

Until now, they have remained quiet about the romance and have avoided public appearances.

However, Daisy's mother, former indie band Powder singer, Pearl Lowe, 36, recently opened a can of worms for her daughter saying:

'When she told me she was with Mark I said, “Wow, he's cute.” '

'She just said 'Mummy' in a scolding tone.'

Earlier in the night, Rolling Stone legend Sir Mick Jagger made it a family affair to support the London launch of his daughter's new exclusive ice pick range, dining with his granddaughter Assisi Lola Jackson.

The family were treated to a performance by four erotic dancers, who unveiled the ice pick with a knife wielding dance.

Daisy is also the daughter of Bush singer, Gavin Rossdale, who is now married to Gwen Stefani.

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Mariah confirms secret marriage

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Mariah Carey has for the first time publically admitted to 'secretly' marrying her lover, describing her new husband as her 'soulmate'.

The diva has also handed over secret wedding snaps to US publication People, in which she gushes about her whirlwind romance of two months in an interview with her new beau.

'We really do feel we are soulmates,' the 'Dream Lover' singer, 39, tells People.
'I never felt a love like this was in the cards for me', she says from her Bahamas hide away.

Other pictures show the couple on honeymoon with Mariah cavorting in her bikini - surprise, surprise.

Cannon, also smitten over his new super rich wife, says, 'She is beautiful on the outside and 10 times as beautiful on the inside.'

The interview also contains details of Cannon's candy themed proposal, wedding tattoos and shock 'plans for kids'

Only last month Carey ruled out children saying she would feel 'violated' adding: 'I don't think I could properly educate a child right now.'

The singer's love gush comes as exes of the actor, 27, emerge from the wood work to warn Mariah about his wondering eye.

US pop singer Christina Milian, 26, who dated Cannon for three and a half years warns: 'All the time we were together, I heard nothing,' says Christina, who dated singer Nick for nearly three years.

'No rumours, no gossip, and then all of a sudden I'm in Romania and I start hearing stuff. The whole time with different girls, not just one, but different girls. He said to me that these girls helped his ego and made him look good', she warned.

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Miranda Kerr Is Naked And Waiting

 Miranda Kerr Is Naked And Waiting
Here’s one more implied nude shot a loyal reader sent in of Miranda Kerr. I didn’t know she was so popular with you fellas. Usually I find models to be boring subjects to write about, but Miranda looks quite inviting in this picture. I’m pretty sure she wants to have sex with me

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