Nicole Kidman takes control to make Keith a better dad

Anxious Nicole has spent £3.5 million on a new Los Angeles home

Pregnant Nicole Kidman is insisting on spending as much time with musician husband Keith Urban as possible, despite his busy tour.

The couple spent 7 days in Tahiti last week before Keith flew back to perform in Baltimore on Thursday.

'They've argued about Keith's country rock star lifestyle,' a friend tells Now.

Just 3 weeks after Nicole, 40, announced that she was expecting, Keith set off on the tour which now won't finish until September, by which time he'll be a dad.

'She just wants to be near Keith all the time,' says the pal. 'He's back in the States soon and she hates being alone.'

While Nicole was never going to win in a battle with Keith over his love of touring, she has succeeded in one area: where they live.

Nicole agreed to move to Keith's base in Nashville, Tennessee, when they married, but this week we hear they're forking out for a £3.5 million home in California.

'City girl Nicole would rather be in LA, which is the best place for an actress to be,' explains the insider.
Nicole Kidman's diet warning bells

Despite her miscarriage worries, Nicole has hardly put on any weight during the pregnancy and her bump is hardly showing, even though she's almost 6 months gone.

Dr Carol Cooper, author of Pregnancy Essentials, says it's at this stage that putting on weight is important.

'Nicole is quite thin and even without knowing her BMI, I can see she needs to put on weight for optimum health,' she tells Now. 'Taller women tend not to show as much and women also show less in their first pregnancy as their stomach muscles are still tight, but Nicole wears clingy clothes, so I'd expect to see more of a bump by now.'