Britney's bulging stomach fuels more pregnancy rumours - as she and Adnan

For weeks, Hollywood has been abuzz with rumours that Britney Spears may be pregnant again.

And the speculation reached a peak of intensity yesterday when she unveiled a conspicuous bump.

The troubled singer, 26, was seen in Hollywood with a burgeoning belly on full display.

Britney's bulging stomach fuels more pregnancy rumours - as she and Adnan

It followed news
that she had visited a medical centre in LA earlier in the week for an undisclosed visit.

A friend told Mail Online: "Everyone's buzzing about a possible pregnancy. Britney's denying she's expecting but with her, anything's possible."

Last month, numerous U.S. magazines speculated that Britney was expecting a baby with on-off British lover Adnan Ghalib.
Britney's bulging stomach fuels more pregnancy rumours - as she and Adnan

However some
cynics are dismissing the buzz as tabloid gossip, claiming she is bloated due to a junk food diet and side effects from prescribed medication.

Meanwhile in the never ending roller coaster of Britney's life, Birmingham-raised Ghalib was seen at Spears' property yesterday, sparking speculation that the couple are back together.

It followed a court ruling earlier on Wednesday that Britney's father will remain in charge of the singer's financial and personal affairs for the next four months.
Jamie Spears will continue to have legal control of the singer's estimated $100 million fortune, as well as oversee the singer's well-being, until the end of July.

"I can confirm that the order was issued", said LA Superior Court spokesman Allan Parachini.

LA Superior Court Commissioner Reva Goetz yesterday named Britney's father and Andrew Wallet temporary co-conservators, giving them the right to employ bodyguards, restrict Britney's visitors and approve her contracts.
Britney's bulging stomach fuels more pregnancy rumours - as she and Adnan

The temporary conservatorship order - a order established by the court that property or a person be subject to the legal control of another person - had been scheduled to expire on March 10, but a surprise hearing was called to extend it before that date.
Britney's bulging stomach fuels more pregnancy rumours - as she and Adnan

Meanwhile Britney
was seen out shopping with a new bodyguard, and as usual, was followed by a pack of paparazzi as she went about her daily trawl around the shops.

Earlier this week the singer continued her rehabilitation at the Millennium Dance Studios in Hollywood where she has also been teaching children's dance classes, as well as practicing her own routines.

On February 23, she was allowed to spend time with her sons Preston, 2, and Jayden, 17 months, for the first time since her January standoff with the police, and she has had regular visits since.
And since Britney's father took over her affairs, the troubled pop princess has been keeping a slightly lower profile and toning down her nights out.

Jamie Spears has been looking after his daughter's assets since February 4 this year, when she was admitted to a psychiatric hospital for the second time.

Britney discharged herself from the UCLA Medical Centre in Los Angeles on February 6 after doctors ruled she did not pose a danger to herself or to others.

The decision by doctors to let Britney leave the mental health facility infuriated the star's parents.

At the time they said: "As parents of an adult child in the throws of a mental health crisis, we were extremely disappointed this morning to learn that over the recommendation of her treating psychiatrist, our daughter Britney was released from the hospital that could best care for her and keep her safe.

"We are deeply concerned about our daughter's safety and vulnerability and we believe her life is presently at risk."