Paris Hilton builds Pooch Palace

Paris Hilton Builds Mini-mansion For Dogs....
Socialite Paris Hilton is determined to give her dogs the same luxurious lifestyle she enjoys herself - so she has built them a miniature version of her Los Angeles mansion.

The 26-year-old heiress had a second home constructed in her garden and filled it with matching furnishings to the main house - so her pack of pampered pooches would feel comfortable.

The Simple Life Star says, "I have 17 dogs. So I built a doggie mansion in my backyard. It's a replica of my house with a chandelier and the same furniture.
They all live there".

Meanwhile her boast has landed her at the centre of a new Los Angeles Department of Animal Services investigation, after the heiress boasted about owning 17 pets on a TV show.

The socialite told chat show host Ellen DeGeneres all about the extent of her pooch collection on the comedienne's show on Monday (11Feb08) - not realising it's illegal to have more than three dogs at any one non-kennel, non-breeder,residential address in Los Angeles.

Animal Services sources tell tmz that bosses of an animal rescue organisation took heed of Hilton's dog boast and complained to the officials, who paid her a visit on Tuesday (12Feb08).
The website reports Animal Services representatives turned up at Hilton's home, but Paris and her dogs were not there. They left a message with a maid and now plan to return to conduct a full inspection.