Angelina Jolie Shows Baby Shiloh Some Love

Poor little baby Shiloh. She has been the butt of jokes ever since her mother Angelina Jolie called her a "blob" and was quoted again later as dubbing her the "outcast" of the family because she is such an adorable little infant and looks like her daddy Brad Pitt with her blonde hair and blue eyes. Now the little baby may finally be getting some love from mom, who was recently snapped by the paparazzi holding her and allowing the little to snack on some potato chips.Us Weekly Magazine reports that as Shiloh has grown from the blob into a "beautiful, genetically blessed 19-month-old with lips from Mom, eyes from dad Brad Pitt' and speculates that she is set to be the next Hollywood "Golden child." And finally got some compliments from her mom."Shi’s so full of light and love. She’s just a little honey and very, very funny,” Jolie, 32, said earlier. And despite keeping a lower profile than her other siblings, Shiloh was just named Hollywood’s most influential infant by Forbes. But watch out, Brad and Angie: It’s not just your looks and clout you’ve passed on. “I’m recognizing some of myself in that one,” Jolie admitted earlier this year. “She’s going to be a little bit of trouble.” Anyone else think perhaps Jolie is already a bit jealous?