Jade Goody: Jack won me back with sex

Toyboy gave a special performance Jade Goody has revealed how boyfriend Jack Tweed won her back - by giving her a sensational night of passion after they got chatting in a club. 'I call it emotional sex. We were ripping each other's clothes off,' she pants. Jack, who appeared with 26-year-old Jade on Celebrity Big Brother, agrees that his love-making skills are what got him back into his ex's good books. 'I had to make sure I put in my best performance. That changed her mind, that's for sure,' he says. 'I know I lasted longer than I usually do. I was on fire that night.' Jade's 20-year-old toyboy insists that she made the first move. 'Jade couldn't help herself,' he tells OK! 'Who could resist? She was drunk and kept grabbing me and trying to kiss me.' Fair enough.