Britney Spears: No Underwear, No Agenda


Decked out in a pink wig, a black, lacy frock and no underwear, Britney Spears did her usual thing Monday night - driving around aimlessly for hours.First she went to Starbucks. Then, the train wreck made an illegal U-Turn to hit up the porn store where she recently shoplifted. But Britney didn’t end up going inside. Instead, whilst biting her fingernails, Spears stayed in the parking lot, telling celebrity news photographers she was lost before driving back home.Naturally. This story is pretty pointless, but at some point amidst the nightly Britney Spears attention whoring circus, some interesting photos emerged …

As usual, she’s wearing no pants. Britney Spears in no underwear is a frequent occurrence. What makes this particular pic stand out is the redness of that ass! It looks like Britney either cranked up the heat in the ol’ tanning booth (or fell asleep in there, she’s not smart) or some guy has been spanking that ass. Hard.Seriously, you’ve gotta really be going to town on that thing to turn it red like that. Hope J.R. Rotem gives us a blow-by-blow account in a future interview.Either way, this is just more proof that if you follow this nut around long enough, photos of the Spears in no underwear will ultimately present themselves.