Brad Pitt insists: I did not cheat on Jennifer with Angelina

There was no mistaking the onscreen chemistry, but for the first time Brad Pitt has publicly refuted long-standing rumours he cheated on his former wife Jennifer Aniston with Angelina Jolie while filming Mr and Mrs Smith.In a new interview with US talk show host Larry King, the actor hit back at suggestions he began the high profile relationship before his marriage was over.

He insisted to the presenter: "Well, that [romance] came after Larry. That came after."
Brad first met his now partner on the set of action film in 2004, and within months, his marriage to America's Sweetheart Jennifer was over.He was quickly inseparable from Angelina, and the couple are now parents to four children, which, says Brad, is challenging.

He told Larry King: "It's the hardest job in the world [and] the most rewarding job in the world.
"To go home and have dinner with your kids and have to discipline one of them who's out of line and still have the energy for that, I can't explain the fulfillment of that but it is everything."Of his brood, which includes Maddox, Pax, Zahara and the couple's biological daughter Shiloh, Brad says: "They have fun and they squabble and they fight just like any other family. It makes me so proud."Asked if he fought with Angelina, Brad responded: "No, not really.

"We challenge each other and have good fun with that. She is a woman of strong opinion and very specific beliefs and a great voice."I respect it. [She is] a great intelligence."Brad appeared on the show to promote his Make It Right project, which features plans to build 150 environmentally friendly homes for families displaced by Hurricane Katrina in a hard-hit New Orleans neighbourhood.



January 17, 2009 at 10:38 PM

HMMMMM DIVORCED ON oct 2 2005 shiloh born on may 30 2006